"Mark Williams beautifully blends science and metaphysics in this clear account of both his worldwide explorations and his personal inward journey."

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. (author of Angel Medicine and many other titles)

The lost continent of Lemuria, the land of Mu, is a place that history has nearly forgotten. Yet it lives on in the mythology of Hindus and Australian Aborigines, Polynesians and American Indians. Its place is likewise secure beside Atlantis in the metaphysical speculations of Occult pioneers Madame Blavatsky and Edgar Cayce, as well as New Age channelers and soothsayers.

But did Lemuria really exist? And if so when, and where was it located? Was it home to a gentle race of mystics and dreamers, as some claim, or an advanced society whose technology helped bring it down? And what happened to Lemuria in the end? Can an entire continent sink or vanish into the mist?

The story begins with a writer's chance exposure to a trance-channeling session at which Lemuria is described in vivid detail. Puzzled by the lack of historical evidence for such a place, he begins a quest through ancient ruins in India and Sumatra, the islands of Oceania, and Bolivia's high and barren altiplano. The search continues through temple sites in Mesoamerica and the Pueblo mesas of northern Arizona, mystical Mount Shasta and seemingly barren islands off California's coast.

The writer finds that mythological references support the theory of a lost continent, whether its name be Rutas (from the Hindu Vedas), the Polynesian Hawaiki, or the Hopis' Third World of Sotuknang. Moreover, enigmatic piles of stone and cultural artifacts of hazy origin beg for further explanation. Yet none is forthcoming, and each answer only brings more troubling questions. The author's challenge is clear: to find if Lemuria and its lost civilization really existed or to prove once and for all that it is merely an illusion, a utopian daydream, a paradise inhabited by fools.

He encounters the Lemurian Fellowship, an obscure California group devoted to Mu and its ancient wisdom. And the Rosicrucians, whose little book about the elusive continent helped spark a Lemuria craze back in the 1930s. A phenomenon propelled by the series of "Mu" books by James Churchward, mankind's secret history as recorded on cryptic stone tablets. The search takes him to the archives of the Theosophical Society and Edgar Cayce Foundation, to Buddhist scholars and New Age gurus, and to the hallowed halls of mainstream science.

Was Lemuria a part of Gondwanaland or the place where the first humans evolved, as scientists believed a century ago? Are primitive peoples like the Ainu and Andaman Islanders the last remnants of a lost world that sank beneath the waves? Why do spirals, swastikas and other cryptic symbols appear in art on both sides of the ocean? Could they derive from a common source? The author even investigates particle physics and cutting-edge scientific theory, exploring the world of quarks and quantum leaps, holograms and parallel universes. All in search of a place that historians and scientists would prefer to ignore.

Along the way the author, as a skeptical yet doggedly curious observer, grapples with New Age theory and practice. He weaves into the story a formidable array of related themes: channeling and reincarnation; mind power and firewalking; androgyny and meditation; crystal healing and teleportation. In Hawaii he meets an old kahuna and discovers that the "new" is really very old. Having traveled half the world in his search, he finally decides to try a past-life regression and is surprised by the results.

The writer also learns that many people believe Lemuria will rise again. Hopi elders, Theosophists and adepts of the Lemurian Fellowship all predict a grim scenario: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and a pole shift followed by the emergence of land for a colony of elite survivors. Mankind is ready to evolve to a higher level, it's said, and an emerging island-continent will serve as home to a new race and a new order.

In Search of Lemuria seeks out the truth behind the myriad tales of a sunken Pacific continent. It tells the story of a writer's obsessive struggle, which in the end becomes much more than a search for a lost tropical island. He has embarked on a metaphysical journey as well, whose outcome is uncertain.

About the Author

Mark Williams is a freelance writer currently based in the San Francisco area. In Europe, he worked as contributing writer for the International Herald Tribune (Paris) and senior staff writer for Lookout Magazine (Spain). Later, he was chief editor of the Chevron Travel Club's Odyssey Magazine and a contributor to the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Westways, Travel-Holiday, and many other publications. The author's other books include The Story of Spain and In Search of Lemuria. Mark Williams has a Masters degree in History from the University of California, Santa Barbara.




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